Every new member of La Vernia Fire Department and La Vernia Fire Corps must complete a basic level of training before the end of there  probation period.

Incident Command System (ICS)

ICS is a standardized on-scene incident management concept designed specifically to allow responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure equal to the complexity and demands of any single incident or multiple incidents without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries

IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction:

IS-100.b – (ICS 100) Introduction to Incident Command System:

IS-200.b (ICS 200) ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents:

Fire Corps Academy

The Fire Corps Academy is a series of training sessions and resources designed for Fire Corps program managers, department leaders, department staff, and local Fire Corps volunteers who wish to start and/or participate in a Fire Corps program.

You can sign up for the Fire Corps Academy using the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) training center at https://nvfc.digitalchalk.com.

Please note:

  • New students must create an account before registering for classes. Go to https://nvfc.digitalchalk.com, select New Account, and fill out the required information.
  • Both NVFC and Fire Corps Academy courses are available on this training center. We encourage you to participate in all classes. Fire Corps-specific sessions are categorized by FC-(class number).
  • Most courses are free; however, if there is a fee, payment information will be required upon checkout.
  • To register for classes, login to the site, select Catalog, and add your desired course(s) to the shopping cart.
  • Once you complete a Fire Corps course, that course will no longer be available in your catalog.
  • Fire Corps Academy course descriptions are below. In addition to the Fire Corps sessions, also view our list of Other Training Opportunities.

Safety Tops Our Priorities (STOP) Campaign

The STOP (Safety Tops Our Priorities) campaign works to educate first responders about the importance of vehicle safety through a four-part webinar series and outreach campaign. To access these trainings, click here and register as a student using access code 6832.Two webinars in the series are currently available:

  • Seat-belts Top Our Response Priority: This 30-minute session educates participants on the importance of using a seat-belt. The course examines how to encourage safety when responding to emergencies and how seat-belt use and safe vehicle operations can be enforced at the department level. The training is provided using an online platform from McNeil and Company’s Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP). Course materials and certificates of completion are provided.
  • STOP at Intersections: The largest percentage of major accidents involving emergency vehicles happens at intersections. Even with the use of warning devices, intersections pose a serious threat to the safety of both emergency service personnel as well as the public. This half-hour program explores why intersection safety TOPS our priorities.
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